Stockin's Apiaries never adds anything to all our natural products.   

We hope you enjoy our 100% pure honey's natural sweetness.  A wide variety of floral sources gives each jar unique flavor nuances. 

Our pure and natural honey comes from a variety of sources that are always from USA and Canada.   

What if Filtered Honey Crystallizes?

Filtered Honey

Sweet and Natural Goodness

Much honey bottled or packed by larger companies is heated to higher temperatures and filtered under pressure.  This explains why it will not crystallize for a very long period of time.  We heat our honey as little as is necessary to preserve as much natural sweetness as possible.

Our Honey is purely natural and never blended with other substancesHoney does not spoil and can be kept indefinitely at room temperature. 

If honey crystallizes, it is still pure honey.   If it crystallizes, putting it into a glass jar and then putting the jar into heated water will help it return to its liquid consistency.

Honey Comb, Bees Wax, Maple Syrup, Royal Jelly, and Pure Pollen!